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 In the last 50 years, the enterprise was awarded the honorable title of National Advanced Group by All-China Federation of Trade Unions and given Labor Certificate of Merit. Also the title of Technology Advancement All-around Excellent Enterprise was gotten as an honor on the 4th National Technology Conference and China's Top 500 Mechanical Industry Enterprise was appraised by National Statistics Bureau, China Mechanical Industry Excellent Enterprise was awarded by China Mechanical Industry Enterprise Management Association. And Hunan Outstanding Enterprise by Hunan Provincial Mechanical Industry Bureau for continuous 6 years. The title of Hunan Quality Management Advanced Enterprise was won.
The products of the company successively were awarded National Science Conference Prize, National Important Technology Equipment Prize, National Technology Equipment Achievements Top Grade Prize, National New Produce, Science and Technology Advanced Prize in the level of nation, Province and city, Hunan High Quality Product Prize, Hunan New Product Prize and Hunan Name Brand Product etc.

·Vertical Mixed Flow Pump
·Type YJ(Yuanjiang)Single-stage Single-suction Vertical Centrifugal Pump
·Type YJG Single-stage Single-suction Vertical Centrifugal Pump
·Type XJ(Xiangjiang),XY(Xiangying)Large Scale Single-stage  Double-suction Centrifugal Pump With Horizontal Split Casing
·Vertical Multi-stage Condensate Pump With Barrel
·Axial Flow Pump
·Type SAP Single-stage Double-suction Horizontal Split Centrifugal Pump
·Type SLZ Single-stage Double-suction Vertical Centrifugal Pump
·Type SA,S Single-stage Double-suction Horizontal Split Centrifugal Pump
·Type S Single-stage Double-suction Horizontal Split Centrifugal Pump    (Introduced from Ingersoll-Rand Co. in USA)
·Type D single-suction Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump
·Type DK Double-stage Horizontal Split Centrifugal Pump
·Type DL Single-suction Multi-stage Vertical Centrifugal Pump
·Type DG Industrial Boiler Feed Pump
·Type DG Industrial Steam Boiler Feed Pump
·Type DJ Single-suction Multi-stage Centrifugal Transfer Oil Pump
·Type DF Single-suction Multi-stage Segmental Anti-corrosive Centrifugal Pump
·Type DYⅠ,DYⅡ,DYⅢ,DY, YD Single-suction Multi-stage Centrifugal Cool Oil Pump
·Type IS Single-stage Single -suction Centrifugal Pump
·Type ISL Single-stage Single-suction Vertical Centrifugal Pump
·Type IY Single-stage Single-suction Transfer Oil Centrifugal Pump
·Type IH Single-suction Single-stage Chemical Centrifugal Pump
·Type FN Melting Carbamide Pump
·Type NB, NBA, GN, GNL, N Condensate Pump
·Type Y,YS Cool Oil Pump
·Type DV Submersible vortex Non-clogging Pump
·Type FVQ Self-priming Vortex Non-clogging Pump
·Type IFZ Screw Non-clogging Pump
·Type IFMZ Screw Non-clogging Pump
·Type IFV Vortex Non-clogging Pump
·Type R Hot Water Pump
·Type RS Heat-net Circulating Pump
·Type IR Hot Water Circulating Pump
·Type IRG Hot Water Circulating Pump
·Type WNB Dredging Pump
·Type CL, CLG, CBLQ Marine Pump
·Type HB, HBF Mixed Flow Pump
·Type QZ Submersible Axial Pump
·Tubular Pump
·Type DTL Single-stage Large Scale Desulfurization Pump
·Type CISL,CISG,CIW,CIL Singel-stage Single-suction Marine Centrifugal Pump


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